CHIP OPEN is the latest product in Home Equity Bank’s line of solutions for those of us 55 years of age and over.  Once more a product that is secured by your home.  It provides a solution for short term goals where other financing would be too expensive or cumbersome to arrange.  Perhaps you are unable to qualify for traditional financing due to fixed income constraints.

As with all the Home Equity Bank products the CHIP OPEN has:

  • No payments required
  • Flexibility
  • Interest is calculated only on the amount borrowed

CHIP OPEN also has the additional features:

  • No prepayment penalty for full payments
  • Ability to covert to a CHIP Reverse Mortgage product should a longer-term solution be required

This financing can be used to:

  • Take advantage of an investment opportunity
  • Pay off debt
  • Cover unexpected expenses
  • Bridge financing when buying and selling properties


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