A reverse mortgage is not for everyone and I will be the first person to tell you if there are other, better suited solutions for you.

If you are a home owner age 55 or older, wish to stay in your current home for at least three to five years and find yourself with any of the following situations you are likely a good fit for a Reverse Mortgage:

  • Your current monthly income is not adequate for your lifestyle
  • Need additional income to cover new costs such as home care or maintenance
  • Have a home renovation project in mind
  • No longer qualify for your current mortgage
  • Wish to help family member
  • Take a well-deserved vacation
  • Pay off debt
  • Invest in vacation property
  • Make a large purchase for whatever reason

In addition to my role as a Certified Mortgage Specialist I am a licensed mortgage professional with the largest mortgage company in Canada, Dominion Lending Centre.  Upon review of your details if I feel there is a more suitable financing solution, I will be making those recommendations to you.