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Canadian home owners 55 or older can turn the equity in their home into tax free cash.

Find out how much you qualify for.

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The process is simple

Getting a reverse mortgage in BC is easy, here are four steps!


Answer a few short questions. Income, credit, or health are not determining factors.


How you would like to receive your money – lump sum or instalments.


I will personally walk you through the short application process.


Live the life you want and deserve in the home you love.


BC Reverse Mortgage Specialist

I am a licensed mortgage professional with BlueTree Mortgages WEST, a member of Canada’s most successful mortgage company, Dominion Lending Centres.  I have the knowledge and experience to match my clients with the products they need. I am also a professional accountant and can provide you with additional forecast and budget reports if required.

Thrilled to call Kamloops, BC home I enjoy helping people from all over the province and from all walks of life. I have experienced living in urban and rural settings and love both. I want nothing more than to see my clients achieve their goals while living life to the fullest.

House Rich, Cash Poor

I hear this phrase all too often from those who are, or about to become, retired.  Your home has likely increased in value substantially since purchase. Why not tap into that equity and live the life you deserve.

Take 30 seconds to answer a few questions and I will email you with the loan amount for which you qualify.  You will also receive a link to download the Reverse Mortgage Guide which provides an overview of this great product.


who used a reverse mortgage to better their life.

Although I didn’t really understand what a reverse mortgage was, I gave Nicolle a call anyway and she was able to explain everything so it made sense. She helped me take money out of my house so I could have the freedom to visit my family across Canada.

Violet Sachs

Kamloops, BC.

We raised our kids in this house, and I want to spend the rest of my life here. Instead of taking money from our investments which fund our retirement, it made sense for us to take out a small reverse mortgage to help renovate our family home. Now when the kids come back on the holidays, we can spend good time together, instead of doing small jobs around the place! Thanks Nicolle for all your help.

Wilma Howes

Victoria, BC.

Over the years, our house has appreciated in value quite a bit. Since retiring, living on a fixed income hasn’t been hard, but there isn’t a lot of money left at the end of the month. We have two kids, and we wanted to help them buy their first homes, and in this Vancouver housing market, that’s no easy task.

We didn’t think there was a chance for us to refinance our house, but a friend of ours told us about Nicolle, we gave her a call and she was able to help us help our kids. We used money from our house to give each of our kids 20% down on their houses. We’re so happy we could help our kids now, when they needed it most!

Jon & Mandy Rogerson

Vancouver, BC.

Thanks Nicolle for making this process really easy for us. We’re so happy we contacted you. We’ll be sure to let all our friends know about how you make getting a reverse mortgage simple.

Sally G. Hutchinson

Vancouver, BC.

The reverse mortgage we used to pay off our existing mortgage really helped us free up cash flow. We now have the money to do the things we want. I’m excited to be able to retire without having to worry about money.

G. Okamura

Lower Mainland

A Reverse Mortgage Gives You The Freedom to:

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